Getting Credit

Got an internship? Then you can probably get course credit.

 The Department of Mass Communication offers 1-hour, 2-hour and 3-hour internships every semester. You find the internship, and we help you get credit for it.

Basically, 50 hours of work equals one credit hour. Talk to your advisor, or with Fred Lamer or Jacquie Lamer for full qualification details. Fred handles advertising internships; Jacquie handles IDM New Media and advertising internships.

Sign up your summer internship when you register for Fall courses. The internships are closed courses, so you will need the signature of the corresponding faculty member on a Drop/Add form. 

Several of you have asked whether or not you can get credit for two internships, and the answer is "yes!" As long as the internships are different, you can enroll more than once in an internship course to receive credit for your work.

Need more info? Check out Jacquie's office hours here, and make an appointment!